Workshops & Retreats


Dr. Flowers offers workshops and retreats on various aspects of emotional competence:

  • Workshops - Dr. Flowers' workshops are customized skill-building, training, or mentoring sessions focused on enabling groups or organizations to achieve a single task, such as understand the role of emotional competence in personal and professional success, team building, processing individual responses to shared trauma, or learning effective communication skills.

  • Retreats - Dr. Flowers' leads retreats for strategic planning or conflict resolution where leadership groups gather members of their organizations to achieve a shared objective, such as generation motivation, developing a vision, teaching leadership skills, or building consensus and facilitating change.

Dr. Flowers’ Approach

Dr. Flowers leads a group discussion of the various perspectives on the identified situation to air the differences in a safe setting. She then offers her careful analysis of the complexities to increase her clients’ practical understanding of the emotional and interpersonal dynamics involved. Dr. Flowers then facilitates a discussion by the clients of the various possible pragmatic approaches, and together they formulate a realistic plan for managing or resolving the troublesome aspects of the situation while maintaining the positive elements.

Training needs are sometimes the exclusive focus of a workshop or retreat. Dr. Flowers often uses an interactive seminar format designed to work on actual examples from the participants. This facilitates real-life, pragmatic discussions of the emotional competence development concepts and steps she is teaching. In more advanced workshops, Dr. Flowers frequently uses role-play and other learning exercises.

During workshops or retreats, Dr. Flowers explains how to apply the underlying principles of emotional competence involved in a plan so that the resolution of one issue can serve as a model for others. Evaluations of Dr. Flowers' workshops often mention the particular value of her non-judgmental attitude and sense of humor.

Workshop & Retreat Clients

Dr. Flowers has conducted workshops and retreats for educational institutions, non-profits, corporations, and private groups whose leaders recognize the pivotal role emotional competence plays in high performance. Clients usually seek an assessment and resolution of a single issue or series of issues, and/or further training for their employees or members in this area. Clients frequently request follow-ups.

"We all have input to share, but the leader (Dr. Flowers) kept us focused on the end result of the retreat. Therefore, we stayed on schedule, which isn't something this Board is good at. Thank you—valued learnings."
- Attendee, Equilibrium Dynamics Retreat for Board of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

The Details

  • Confidentiality varies depending upon the situational needs.

  • Evaluation is an important part of Dr. Flowers’ workshops and retreats. It may be verbal or written, but she always invites and appreciates feedback.

  • Consultation arrangements are made after discussion of what would be most useful for the client in the identified situation (see email form below).

  • The location can be the client's site or Dr. Flowers’ office in San Francisco as arranged.

  • Duration can vary from half a day to a week or more.

  • Reports, requested in advance, can be provided orally or written, as the client prefers.

  • Fees are charged by the hour/day. Dr. Flowers charges travel expenses additionally.

  • Follow-up is possible when desired. This is particularly important for training programs to reinforce previous learning and consolidate advanced emotional competence skills.



Service Description Client Type Duration Fee*
Workshops & Retreats Workshops Customized skill-building, training, or mentoring sessions focused on a single task Groups or organizations in any field Generally half or whole day or a series Hourly or as negotiated
Retreats Strategic-planning or conflict-resolution sessions where members of an organization gather to achieve a shared objective Leadership groups within organizations in any field Generally one day or a series Hourly or as negotiated

* Contact Dr. Flowers for more information about fees.