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(Consultations - Personal)

Dr. Flowers offers professional consultations on various aspects of emotional competence for both groups and individuals. Dr. Flowers' consultations are usually face-to-face sessions in which she focuses her attention on collaboratively analyzing the client's issues, paying particular attention to feelings as well as facts. Then, Dr. Flowers and her clients work through the issues together, to develop pragmatic plans, management strategies or resolutions. In some cases, these consultations can be conducted by phone.

Her professional consultations have helped clients address issues such as stress management, being passed over for promotion, workplace conflicts, complicated management issues, understanding office politics, organizational crises demanding decisive leadership, burnout and changes in career direction.

Dr. Flowers’ Approach

Dr. Flowers discusses the identified situation in depth to increase her client’s understanding of the issues and dynamics involved and to better understand her client’s needs and goals. She then works collaboratively with the client to design a pragmatic management strategy or resolution tailored for the individual client and the circumstances. Throughout the consultation, Dr. Flowers teaches the relevant concepts and steps of emotional competence used in her analysis and in the resolution, so that the client is equipped to handle similar situations in the future. Clients frequently comment on how much they enjoy the process and her sense of humor, as well as how much they learned.

For those who are interested, Dr. Flowers can use clients' dreams to expedite the consultation process and the client’s professional development. (Find out more here.)

Consultation Clients

Dr. Flowers' consultation clients are professionals in a wide variety of fields from human services and law to engineering and other sciences. They seek consultation to advance their careers through increased emotional competence, including leadership skills, relationship management skills, or enhanced self-responsibility or personal support systems. They may consult with Dr. Flowers individually or as part of an organizational consultation.

Her client list includes corporations such as Levi Strauss, professional sports teams, public and private school districts including San Francisco Unified, Sequoia Union (CA), Eton College, (UK), and various US universities.

"The presentation was excellent, in depth, and covered many significant areas of behavior in relationships."
- Attendee, Equilibrium Dynamics Workshop: "Cultural Competence as a Subspecialty of Emotional Competence in Mental Health Clinicians"

The Details

  • The location can be the client's site, a neutral venue or Dr. Flowers’ office as arranged.

  • Duration can be by the hour within an organizational consult or longer for groups.

  • Confidentiality varies depending upon the situational needs. Independent consultations are as confidential as the client wishes, within the constraints of the law.

  • Fees are charged by the hour (individually and by the consultation) or by the half-day within an organization. Dr. Flowers charges some Travel expenses additionally.

  • Follow-up is available upon request. Dr. Flowers often recommends follow-up for training programs to reinforce and advance sophistication in emotional competence skills for professional employees.

Service Description Client Type Fee*
Consultations Professional Focused attention in face-to-face sessions for analyzing a workplace issue and working through it to develop a pragmatic resolution Individuals or groups seeking resolutions to specific professional issues or assistance in improving emotional competence Hourly
Personal Focused attention in face-to-face sessions for analyzing a familial or personal issue and working through it to develop a pragmatic resolution Individuals or groups seeking resolutions to specific personal issues or assistance in improving emotional competence or professionalism Hourly

* Contact Dr. Flowers for more information about fees.